A Guide to Essential Cricket Gear

Our school years involved spending hours of summer break playing cricket. We would wake up as early as possible, quickly have breakfast, sneak in a few snacks and meet up our friends and get started. The game would continue for hours until we had to be called in by our parents. By then we’d be exhausted and still get excited about doing it all over again the next day. Cricket is a family interest in almost every average household. So, it’s understandable if you or your child want to continue playing cricket properly. Of course in order to do that, you need to make sure that you have the right gear. So, we’ve listed down a quick guide to a few essential items.

  • Your cricket bat is an absolute essential. Cricket bats are made out of willow wood namely English and Indian willow. Both of them are grade upto a +5 scale, where +1 is considered to be the best grade bat.
  • Your next item is your helmet. Your helmet serves the function of protecting you from any sort of impact be it from a ball or from your own bat in some cases. You need a helmet with padding that is thick enough to absorb any impact, and it also needs to be comfortable for wear as well. You should try out different helmet before you choose one.
  • Your shoes should all-purpose. If you get specialized shoes, it will affect other aspects of the game. So choose comfortable shoes with proper support that allow quick turning.
  • Gloves are also pretty important. So, you need gloves that offer a good amount of foam for protection as well as a good grip in order to ensure better handling of the bat.

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