A Better Nose For a Better Life

Just take a moment and think about this; your nose is the post prominent feature on your face. Sure, you may have very pretty eyes with equally pretty long eyelashes to complement them, but your nose will still be the centre of your face whether you like it or not. As such, it defines the symmetry of your face as well; if your nose is straight, everyone you meet will perceive your face to be symmetrical but if it’s even slightly crooked, it can really throw your facial symmetry out of balance.

Unfortunately though, some of us are born with crooked noses or are left with them after being involved in some kind of an accident where the nose broke. Not only does a crooked nose interfere with your facial symmetry, it also does a number on your self-esteem. Every time you’re in a social situation, you’ll find yourself worrying about whether or not the people speaking to you notice the shape of your nose.

Self-esteem issues because of facial faults can be very bad and can hold you back from performing effectively in life. However, with the help of rhinoplastie Montreal, you can fix your nose and all your problems associated with it in one fell swoop. Through rhinoplasty, you can not only fix your nose’s shape but you can also increase your breathing. A lot of people with crooked noses experience difficulties in breathing and some suffer these their whole lives too. When the shape of your nose is corrected and your nasal passages are finally open, you can breathe more freely. There are many benefits attached to this procedure which make it hard to pass. After all, you can’t face your problems if your problem is your face, right?

How to Up Your Make-up Game

Have you ever looked at your favourite celebrities and wondered how they manage to look so dazzling all the time? You understand that they wear a lot of make up before appearing on camera but what you don’t understand is that why you can’t look like that when you do your make up? Well, it’s like this; make up is like doing art and the celebrities you admire so much get theirs done by highly trained makeup artists.

Basically, if you want your make up to look that good a well, you’ll need a lot of practice and the right kind of makeup equipment as well. There are many neat tips and tricks that can make you better at makeup but just sitting around and watching YouTube makeup artists do their thing isn’t going to help you get any better till you practice what they preach.

What you need is a makeup application guide that doesn’t just tell you what to buy and pacifies you with promises on how you’ll get better just by watching or reading; you need a guide that actually teaches you tips and tricks that can help you get better at your makeup. It’s all about attention to detail so you’ll have to be very patient with what you’re doing and practice till you get it right.

YouTube videos are a great place to start and if you follow the right artists, you can learn a lot, provided that you’re doing everything step by step with them. Another great resource about make up application and reviews on various new products and techniques is Assurance Beauty – the only beauty blog you’ll need. Check out their makeup application guide over at http://www.assurancebeauty.com/best-makeup-mirror-reviews/how-to-apply-full-makeup/.

Choose The Right Nail Lamp For Yourself

Are you into gel manicures but are tired of spending hundreds of bucks on them every other month? The solution to your problem is that you ditch the nail salon and do it yourself. Now the idea might sound scary because the workers at the nail salon are nail experts and know their job well and you might have not done even a simple manicure before but do not let that stop you.

The best advantage of a gel manicure at home is that you save a lot of money. If you are ready to do it then a very important device that you need is the nail lamp that cures your gel nail polish. If you want to be safe then always go for a LED nail lamp and get the best gel nail kit for the DIY gal either online or a store. LED nail lamps are the best as they are not as damaging and their bulbs do not malfunction. If you are warming up to the idea of these lamps then there are a couple of things that you need to think about.

Amount of Money

Even if you feel that your budget won’t allow you to purchase a LED nail lamp then you should wait a while and save up because it is necessary that you buy a good LED nail lamp. Search online about the best LED nail lamps and buy the one that fits your budget.


It is a good idea that you go for a LED lamp that offers additional features as it will give you more options.

Bulb Life

Bulb life is not a thing when it comes to LED nail lamps because they work fine no matter how much you use the machine so that is good news.