Computer Types

As you probably know pretty well by now, there are a number of different computers. Different brands, processors, storage, and a lot more differs in between each computer. There are also different types of computer builds and styles and each has its own pros and cons, so the type of computer you should ideally have really depends on how you plan on using it.

You could be in the market for desktop computers or laptops, and your usage and ease, your budget, and a number of other things have to be considered before you go ahead and buy anything. In this article we will be talking about a specific type of computer, and that is the gaming computer. We will discuss which types of computers are suited to gaming and why you should consider some rather than others. If you are in the market for a desktop then there are three main types of desktops that you should consider.

Each has its own benefits and shortcomings and for a more detailed discussion you can read more here. However, the gist of it all is that you will have to make a decision on whether you want the ability to upgrade later and run more functions, or if you want to save space in your house. Surprisingly the choices that take up the most space and offer the most features are actually cheaper at their base rate. A full sized desktop computer and CPU will require a lot of space from you but will be the cheapest and easiest to work on. A compact sized desktop computer and CPU is also pretty cheap but they are harder to work with and can be tricky to upgrade them later with new parts or to repair them. Finally the all in one is expensive and unupgradable.

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