Exclusive USA Netflix Anywhere in The World?

In the USA, watching Netflix is much more than just a means of killing time – it’s become a cultural phenomenon. With all the thousands of seasons and movies available on Netflix, it’s slowly becoming impossible to live without Netflix for the average American. Thanks to how quickly Netflix became available in places all over the world, we all get to enjoy our favourite movies and shows for very cheap whenever we want them.

It became possible for people in Netherlands to enjoy Netflix and Chill moments in late 2013 but there’s still a little bit of a problem; thanks to language and cultural barriers, we don’t have the most comprehensive Netflix library in the world. We’re slowly getting more and more Dutch content over time but there are some things you only get if you’re using amerikaanse netflix, like we call it.

However, if you want to be able to enjoy amerikaanse Netflix as well, all you have to do is move your network access to America and that’s something you can do very easily from the comfort of your home on Dutch soil. When you log onto Netflix, you’re granted access to the nearest server in your area, but if you move your network access to an American server, you can basically watch Netflix like anyone would in America.

Due to the diversity of people in America, you might find a lot of shows available in Dutch but not all of them. However, you will be granted access to the most that Netflix has to offer. You can enjoy shows that you had no idea even existed – Americans do love their seasons, after all. With a good VPN service and a decent internet connection, you can enjoy the best of Netflix from anywhere in the world.

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