How to Up Your Make-up Game

Have you ever looked at your favourite celebrities and wondered how they manage to look so dazzling all the time? You understand that they wear a lot of make up before appearing on camera but what you don’t understand is that why you can’t look like that when you do your make up? Well, it’s like this; make up is like doing art and the celebrities you admire so much get theirs done by highly trained makeup artists.

Basically, if you want your make up to look that good a well, you’ll need a lot of practice and the right kind of makeup equipment as well. There are many neat tips and tricks that can make you better at makeup but just sitting around and watching YouTube makeup artists do their thing isn’t going to help you get any better till you practice what they preach.

What you need is a makeup application guide that doesn’t just tell you what to buy and pacifies you with promises on how you’ll get better just by watching or reading; you need a guide that actually teaches you tips and tricks that can help you get better at your makeup. It’s all about attention to detail so you’ll have to be very patient with what you’re doing and practice till you get it right.

YouTube videos are a great place to start and if you follow the right artists, you can learn a lot, provided that you’re doing everything step by step with them. Another great resource about make up application and reviews on various new products and techniques is Assurance Beauty – the only beauty blog you’ll need. Check out their makeup application guide over at

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