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Are you bored of the wall design in your house? You might want to pump up the look of the walls a few levels by doing two simple things. First of all, you need to get a good paint job done on one of the walls where you only have a single monotone colour up on the wall that will hold a canvas. And secondly you need to get a photograph printed out on a canvas and then have it put up on the aforementioned wall.

Now you might wonder why a photograph should be used instead of a painting on a canvas, it is because a photograph looks much better when it is in canvas form. While you always expect a painting to be on a canvas, seeing a photograph on one will be something that absolutely grabs your attention. Seeing a canvas up with a photograph printed on it will make sure that you have a wall that really pops out and grabs the attention of any person who walks in to the room. Making sure you pair up a good colour with the painting will also help you make the design statement that you want to make.

The way a canvas printed photograph is made is by printing the photo on to a canvas through an ink jet printer. The picture has to be a certain quality and it should be a certain size for the ink jet to be able to print it properly across a canvas. Once you have the right photo and it has been printed, you can place the canvas on a stretcher bar and then have the printed photo secured to the bars around the canvas, like you see with photos in a gallery. To know more about this, you can visit

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