The Perfect Perth Bar

If you are visiting or living in Perth and want to find a place that can become your regular social spot then you might want to hit up this amazing bar in the Perth CBD, Gramercy Bar & Kitchen. This is a bar that can become a really good spot for just about any person as it caters to every person, for every occasion. If you are just a group of friends or colleagues who are coming in after work on a week day, you will find casual tables and booths and a number of different home brews of ales and lagers, different mixes of cocktails, and even a good selection of wines. On the weekends you can come in for a few great bar snacks and have your favourite drinks with your friends. The ambiance is great and the people are friendly, ensuring a fun night for anyone who comes in.

Even in settings that might be a bit more formal like a business lunch, or might be important like a first date can be accommodated. To impress the date or the client, you will be able to order from a number of gourmet meals and pair it up with some great wines. You could place an order for a slow roasted pork belly, a Greek lamb rump, or sirloin steak, or even some freshly caught fishes.

Finally if you want to hold a large business or family event, you can do that too. Providing you with a comfortable and affordable venue option, Gramercy can fit in about a 100 to a 110 individuals with a dance floor, or a 140 people without one. So f you have a wedding, a end of year party, a celebration because you closed a great deal at work, you can do it here.

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