What Hinders Students’ Performance in Math Classes?

We all have gotten math homework back in the days and some of us still get it so we all know how much painful it can be. For some people, even thinking about math gives them a huge headache and they try to stay away from it as much as possible. You might have noticed that many people consider calculators their best friends in math class and use them even to solve the simplest calculations.

It does not make the students dumb, the problem is that from an early stage, math is taught in such a way that it does not encourage students to participate or do mental calculations which is why as students grow older, they start relying on websites like Homework doer and many others which are just there to help out the students who cannot learn from their teachers and schools.

Teacher’s Method

Many teachers might vehemently disagree with this point but the truth is that a lot of the time, teachers are responsible for students’ attitude towards math. Teachers need to realize that math can be a dry subject which means that they should avoid droning on continuously but sadly, that is what most teachers do which makes student lose interest in the class and skip whatever is being taught.

Lack of Discussion

Many students complain that a lot of topics in math do not seem to have a link to real life and they are partially right so it is the teacher’s job to show the indirect link and have students discuss it as much as possible. You must have noticed that there is a lack of discussion in math class which is wrong because discussion in class sparks curiosity and interest.

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