Which Deep Fat Fryers Should You Consider?

If you want to have the healthier version of fried food, you would not only need the right oil but also the perfect deep fat fryer which will allow you to fry your food perfectly while it retains moisture and fries food in a hygienic manner. There are a lot of deep fat fryers available in the market but that does not mean that they are all worth buying, we will help you make a list of deep fat fryers that are worth considering and buying and our reviews are based on quality, safety, efficiency and convenience.

Delonghi FH1130 Multifry

It is known as the best deep fat fryer UK and its best feature is the multi-fry option as it lets the user fry more than just the traditional chicken and turkey, you can actually cook different types of food in it like risotto, ratatouille, curry and more. Another reason that we have placed this fryer on the top of the list is because it uses the minimum amount of oil that is required to cook any type of food and this is an amazing feature and this is why it is famous among people who love fried food but only wish to eat the healthy version of it. The surround heating system that it possesses is the reason that it produces crispy food that is juicy on the inside and lastly it is very convenient to use.

Delonghi CoolZone Family Fryer

This is called the family fryer because it can fry food of 1 kg at one time which is a lot and perfect for a family and even can be used to host dinner parties. The cool zone refers to the area that stores food and helps it not burn up when it falls out of the food basket.

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