Yesterday to Today

Silent auctions are fun and engaging activity for many people, but you may have wondered to yourself how exactly they differ from normal auctions. An auctioneer may not be present for one thing. Usually through a silent auction, people place their bids on one or multiple products on a silent auction form and then they are carefully deliberated over and examined. Unlike a normal auction house, it’s possible that not everyone knows how much the current bid is and instead the person who bid the highest simply wins, pays and leaves with their new product. It takes away from having a competitive edge on trying to save the most money since you won’t know how much the current highest bid is and you won’t be able to get back into it.

However, the commotion in a normal auction house can be too much too handle. Imagine a concert and everyone in the audience is the lead singer but the management was bad and scheduled everyone’s performance at the same time in the same venue. That is something like how it feels to be caught up in the chaos that ensues on an auction house. People are screaming over each other trying to make sure their voices are heard and their bids are placed and the auctioneer on the stage will continuously egg them on to keep the bids rolling and the auction house alive.

Silent auctions can be a part of any event for the sheer fact that they avoid all that commotion. However, there is a certain thrill to knowing who’s winning and losing and a good auctioneer will make everyone feel very alive, making sure that they all have fun partaking in the auctioning process. Silent auctions are very different from that since every silent auction bid sheet is examined with a winner announced.

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